matty fucking healy yesterday at Positivus festival fuck how much i cried


tryna hide that smile matty I see u I sEE U


// Matty @ A$AP Rocky - Goldie at Radio 1’s Future Festival //

Hahah everyone has their phones out and Matty is just like, “the music yeah, you all suck.”
Anonymous said: That outfit is not flattering at all. Can you pls wear clothes that actually fit you. Being fat isn't cute.


Uhm shut the fuck up. Weight does not define if someone is ‘hot’ or not. You’re like seriously fucked in the head. I feel sorry for you.



"in my honour"

if you live in manchester and you don’t go i will shove my computer up your ass

It’s like he thinks he’s the queen or something. 


George having a coffee/cig break while matty does phone interviews
Anonymous said: You aren't even cute


Fuck off. I’ve hated myself for as long as I can remember, fuck I still do. So if I want to think I look fucking cute. Than I’ll fucking think I look cute. Fuck off.

Love you, babe. And the asshat that said this is pathetic, obviously. They’re on anon. 


When the show was over, this hurt so bad and then it just flickered off.

I’m sorry but my comment had to be resurfaced. Someone deleted it along the way and when I first reblogged this post, it had like 200 notes and I got so many notifications and follows from that comment. I don’t even care about those things but this comment resembled my emotions the night the concert ended and this box is so important to me and I just need it.

So proud but………………………………….early fans know the rest of that sentence. And I don’t want that to sound pretentious, so please don’t send anon hate okay okay bye. Or do, I don’t care.